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    By putting composite video through the green component input, it is possible to display composite video in black and white.

    As composite is useful for lag tests with consumer CRTs, would it be possible to either:

    1) Be able to properly display this in B&W, or

    2) Allow composite video to display properly using this as another video mode (Composite Video over Green)?


    YPbPr mode should display B&W picture.


    Ok – edited my first post to correct that.

    However, my question was more if it would be possible to have a mode specifically for composite video – with black and white and/or color support if possible without modification of the board.

    Would it be possible to have something like this:

    Using button 8 on the remote, the board could switch to a mode to use full-color composite video through the green Component plug(again, if possible without modification). Or, for computers like the Apple II, the OSSC could use phosphor color simulation in various colors (ex. amber, red), which could be defined in the post-processing options in the menu.


    Colour would require an NTSC and/or PAL decoder, which is a piece of hardware that the OSSC doesn’t have.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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