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    Hello! I got my OSSC some time ago and finally managed to get good cables for my old Commodore 64. But things weren’t that straight forward. I have a Extron CD400 converter to get RGB to OSSC.

    So my workflow is to hookup the C64 to Extron with S video and then from Extron to OSSC. Then I connect the OSSC to my computer with Elgato Cam Link 4K with HDMI (This is to monitor things since I can see what the output is before I connect the HDMI to my TV)

    Here is where the problem lies, I can’t figure out good settings to get a output that actually works. When everything is connected I fire up the OSSC and get a good test image on my TV and usually on my computer too, but not always, sometimes the test image is all scrambled on my computer. When I fiddle with the OSSC settings, usually the Elgato Game Capture software says either No Signal or Not supported signal (when it says not supported, there is a brief moment before that where the C64 image is briefly visible)

    When I get a working signal, the image usually goes all over the place, meaning it moves up, down, or sideways and eventually it freezes. Or the image pops up, but it’s not centered, it’s wrapped around the edges (like the left edge is on the center as well as the right)

    I have tried some settings I’ve found from this forum and elsewhere, but they don’t seem to be working well. I would be almost ready to admit defeat, but I have managed to get this thing working TWO times! Those times I’ve had managed to somehow get a 640×480 stable singnal on the Camlink Game Capture software, then changed the HDMI to my television and it has worked and I have managed to play games. But when I turn off and back on the C64 the pictures goes blank and I have to start the battle all over again…

    The signal that shows on the OSSC screen is RGBS 311p, 15,63kHz 50,27Hz.

    If anyone has had similar experiences and managed to get the setup working reliably I would be interested in hearing this.

    Picture of the not centered image
    Picture of the rare successful moment


    Yeah it’s most likely the capture card that’s causing the issue I’m afraid. You’ve probably tried this, but a simple power cycle of the OSSC, or even switching to another active input then back again sometimes helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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