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    my retrotink+vga adapter seems no longer work, until yesterday it worked perfectly on my 4: 3 DELL monitor ( he has only vga )

    If I connect RT to another samsung monitor via HDMI it works, but if I use the VGA converter, it doesn’t work anymore with samsung monitor too

    I tried only the vga converter with a PC and on the same monitor and it works …

    can someone help me?


    There is a protection diode (D6) on the RT2x for the 5v over HDMI power, maybe it has burned from over current?
    HDMI signal works without this 5v pin, but devices that rely on power from this 5v pin will not work.
    Maybe there is poor contact in the cable for this 5v?


    if I take it to an electrical technician, can it be repaired?
    or perhaps it is better to use a monitor with direct hdmi so as to have no more problems in future?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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