Can't get OSSC to work with Gunbird (Psikyo 1st Generation arcade PCB)

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    Connecting from supergun to OSSC (component input) to DVDO Edge (1:1 Frame Rate: Enabled; Output Frame Lock: Auto Lock) to PC monitor (Asus VH236H). LED on the DVDO Edge is yellow, meaning unsupported signal. The game does display on my CRT through component so at least I know the game works.

    I have no problem with my Strikers 1999 board with the same setup.

    What the OSSC says:

    AV2: YPbPr 262p
    15.69kHz 59.91Hz

    Hitting Info on the OSSC remote:
    VMod: 240p_L3M1
    L0: 786 VSM: 0

    Really don’t want to poke around blindly hoping I get something to work here…


    Does it work in linedouble mode, or connected directly to monitor (bypassing DVDO)?


    Okay, the Gunbird PCB does work directly from the OSSC to my Asus monitor, regardless of Line X3 settings.

    As for the DVDO Edge, toggling Line X3 didn’t make any difference, and without the DVDO Edge working in the chain, I won’t be able to capture gameplay. 🙁


    Have you tried unlocking frame rate on your DVDO?


    Happy to report that as of firmware v0.78 I can connect this PCB to my OSSC, and then to my DVDO Edge and get a picture on my PC monitor! Works with Line X2, X3, X4, and even X5. I didn’t try any of those advanced settings tweaks with the OSSC; it just worked. Messing with the DVDO Edge settings (1:1 Frame Rate and Output Frame Lock) didn’t do anything.

    It may have even worked with earlier firmware; I know I’ve updated the firmware twice since creating this topic but I didn’t test with this PCB. I believe I was using RGB SCART with the OSSC the last time, and I’m using component now, but I don’t think that would make a difference.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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