Can't get OSSC to work with my PS2. Please help.

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    I bought the OSSC recently and have been trying to get it to work without success. I hope someone can help me after reading the details below.

    Here is the equipment I’m using:

    –Japanese PS2, Model # SCPH-90000. It has NOT been modded. The connection has been set to RGB.
    –TV, LG 60UH6550. Game Mode is on, and I’m using HDMI Port 1.

    –OSSC, In the AVI In slot, I’m using the following SCART cable.
    This cable was recommended by retrorgb:

    The SCART cable has the following note attached to it: “Playstation SCART – Do not use on XRGB without SCART converter.” I don’t know if this matters in my situation.

    In the Output slot, I’m using a HDMI cable with a DVI adapter. This is hooked up directly to the TV above.
    On my first attempt last weekend, I tried a component cable that I’d purchased for the PS2. The TV, OSSC, and PS2 all powered on, but I only got the grey screen. The LCD on the OSSC said: AV3 YPbPr No Sync.

    I read the Troubleshooting page in the Quick Start guide and that is when I bought the SCART cable.

    Today I tried again with the SCART cable and I’m still getting the gray screen. It still says AV3 YPbPr No Sync, even though I double checked to make sure the PS2 was set to RGB. I hit info on the remote and got the following:

    VMod: 240p_L3M0
    LO: 0 VSM: 0

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Set your OSSC’s input to AV1/RGBS by pushing [1] on your remote!


    Yay, it worked! Thank you!

    One more question. How do I control the volume when using headphones? (I tried both the TV remote and the OSSC remote.) The headphones I’m using are Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80, if it matters.


    What are your headphones connected to – the OSSC? The OSSC can only loop through audio; it can’t change volume. You need to send the audio to something with volume control capability (a stereo, an AV receiver, possibly your TV) and connect your headphones to that device.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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