CD32 PAL video sliced at 5x, and a SNES audio issue at 5x

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    Just got my OSSC and have it connected to a Crestron HD-Scaler, which so far seems to handle everything the OSSC can throw at it. All mode up to 5X work, 3x (laced) is supported, 960p, etc. The OSSC is an amazing bit of hardware and I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to get on board!

    Everything is almost perfect, there are just two minor issues I encounter in 5x mode with my CD32 and SNES. Neither is a deal-breaker, I’d just like some advice on how they might be remedied.

    The NTSC CD32 is RGB modded, and it is connected to an RGB2COMP (so I can also play on my NTSC CRT) before going to the OSSC. If I boot the CD32 in PAL mode, the top section of the output is “sliced” and moved over to the right like this:

    If I increase a combination of both H Synclen and H Backporch, I can get the two bits back together again, but then a significant portion of the left side of the image is cropped off. No problems exist in 4X mode, and all modes work fine in with the CD32 in NTSC mode. Is there some other combination of sampling settings I could use to get a normal picture in 5X mode?


    Then with my SNES (JP Super Famicom) I’m having an audio issue. It is connected with HD Retrovision cables to AV2 on the OSSC, and audio is connected to the AV2 3.5mm input. The switch is set for input.

    Audio only comes through sporadically, maybe 15% of the time in 5X mode only, it cuts in and out randomly. Turning the OSSC downsampling on/off doesn’t make a difference either.
    If I disconnect the audio from OSSC and run it to the receiver any other way, the audio is present and 100% OK. Audio in 4X mode works perfectly.

    Full disclosure, I’ve had to do a “bypass” in the console to skip the final mixing stage of audio signals because that particular IC seemed to be failing on me. In other words, cartridge audio (like Super Gameboy) probably won’t work on my SNES because I’ve got the primary audio signals wired directly to the output pins instead of going through the final mixing stage with the cartridge audio signals.
    However, accepting the fact my SNES is a frankenstein, this bypass has never caused me an issue before. Just wanna mention it because it is very non-standard.

    I’ve been doing a lot of reading about SNES problems on the forum, but I’m a little unclear still…Would doing a de-jitter mod on the SNES possibly solve this issue?

    Ultimately, I’ll probably just run both these consoles in 4X mode and be happy about it, but I’m a problem solver and I’d love to get everything smooth at 5X if possible, so any advice you folks have would be greatly appreciated!


    Alright, had the CD32 thing happen with PSP in the PSP 480p 2x mode as well, something about the resolution that the Crestron doesn’t like.

    With the PSP I had to increase H/V active until the slice suddenly “healed” and then find a set of custom sampling setting specifically for the Crestron. So I don’t get full-screen PSP, but with the Crestrons zoom setting in combination with my custom settings, it’s pretty close. 🙂

    I’ll play around with H and V-active with the CD32 and see what happens.


    Can’t comment on your CD32 issue as I’ve not noticed that but the jitter thing on the SNES can definitely cause audio dropouts on some setups.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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