CDX Minor Dropouts at title screen?

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    New to OSSC. I’ve been fiddling around with options and I’ve noticed that during some title screens on MD games I’ve had the sync drop for maybe half a second when I’m transitioning screens. This is most noticeable in Crusader of Centy, when I go to the save file select screen. It’s not a big deal, and 25% of the time it doesn’t happen, but if there’s a way to fix it I’d like to know. I’m currently using Linex3 Generic mode via HD Retrovision Component cables. I tried standard 2x mode and it did the same thing.


    I’m not really familiar with that game or system, but I do know that there are games on other consoles of that time period that would use 240p for gameplay, but switch to 480i for title screens and menus. If that’s the case with Crusader of Centy, there’s not much you can do about is; it’s an unfortunate side effect of HDMI. Basically, resolution changes interrupt the HDMI connections, and then the HDMI devices all have to reconnect to each other before video will display again. This generally results in significant delays between menu screens and gameplay.

    If the lack of seamless resolution changes really bugs you, you’ll either need to play on a CRT, or try out something like an EDID minder (not sure if this adds lag) or a presentation switcher (definitely adds lag).


    I tested this on my setup. I’m using a 32x on a CDX, and an everdrive. I got the same dropouts during the crusader of centy opening screens up to the point where you make your character, like 2 or 3 sync drops as it transitions between the different screens. I could not reproduce any drops once in game while going to the save screen though.

    I’ve previously played through Phantasy Star IV without any problems the entire game with the exact same setup/settings, so seems to be something caused by the specific game. You mention some other games, do you have a list that you observed this problem with?

    Edit: From what I can tell this is not due to a resolution change, says 262p on my ossc screen the entire time.


    Yeah, I can also confirm that at no point does the OSSC switch resolution, and my OSSC’s light stays green the whole time. I also noticed it on Castlevania Bloodlines, right in the beginning when it’s transitioning to that opening scrolling shot of John from the back. This only happened once though out of maybe 5 times.

    Again it’s not a big deal, just minorly annoying.


    Yes sadly I’ve noticed this too, other scalers also exhibit problems often after the “SEGA” logo appears in a games intro. It’s almost as if the video signal cuts out for a split second.

    I’d recommend using a cable that’s properly set for 75ohm csync with the Megadrive, especially the MD1.

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