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    Neo Rasa

    Hi everyone! I think I have an idea of what’s causing these this but I wanted to check here before I started looking into getting different cables and adapters. I was hoping someone here might have experienced this or have a particular cable or modification to the AES to recommend.

    So first thing, my stuff: The Neo Geo is a Japanese AES, board revision 3-6. Because it’s a 3-6 the composite traces on it were cut to eliminate jail bars when using an HDMI adapter with it.

    Going by what my board looks like based on FirebrandX’s guide ( ), I’ve been using this Triad Magnetics 9V 3.5A to power it:

    My display is a Samsung UN55H7150 1080p, 240Hz refresh with no smoothing/etc. options active

    Now that I’ve received my OSSC from here I’ve been wanting to run the Neo Geo AES through it.

    The OSSC syncs with the AES, RGBS 264p, 15.73kHz, 59.59Hz:

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    Synced up 960X240, 264p, 453034

    It works in that I get picture and sound and no lag, and the colors and sharpness with the linex multiplier look great to me, but there’s one major issues:

    Using a SCART cable (specifically this one from Retro Game Cables: with it I get this really bad checker boarding across every game, real or multi-cart:

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    I’ve followed FirebrandX’s tutorial to using the Neo Geo Monitor Test Tool ( ) to help calibrate this. And I’ve also tried their optimal profile from here: and other guides. However no matter what suggested settings or combination of settings I try, the checker board artifacts are still there. This is happening without any extra switcher or anything in the way, it’s going from AES -> SCART -> OSSC -> HDMI directly to my display.

    So reading about it more, it looks like what’s happening is that the cable is syncing on composite going by this video (9m22s): , and that solution is to use a CSYNC cable instead. But I’m having some trouble discerning the best option for that for the OSSC.

    I see that Retro Gaming Cables sells a different board for their SCART cables to do this ( Is this ideal or is there a standalone AES SCART cable that already has this capability built in (I wasn’t able to find one)? If I got a component one instead (like this would that be more compatible for going from the AES -> OSSC than a SCART cable and typically not have these checker board style artifacts?

    Lastly, is there any chance that a different PSU might effect this?


    You don’t want to use a sync separator, if your console is working with the pack a punch cable then it outputs clean sync.

    I think you need to perform a full RGB bypass on it, an experienced modder could tell you more. I’ll see if I can get Bas to chime in on this one.


    Ok, so if you already performed the RGB bypass, there was some suggestion this may be a simple fix by modding the cable, according to the Neo Geo forums, unfortunately according to Malwarebytes their forum has malware on it so I couldn’t look, but this is definitely worth looking into I think.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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