Cleaning up PS2 output and trying to use x3(laced)

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    Recently got Free McBoot for my thicc PS2 along with a SATA HDD all so I could play an English patched version of Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix without the PS4 HD Remaster’s audio and physics issues as well as just for the shits and giggles.

    I have my PS2 going into the OSSC via component and currently have the 480i/567i output option set to pass-through due to image retention at x2 or x4. I want to try out the x3(laced) option but my Samsung UE43NU7020 4K HDR TV is not a happy chappy and refuses to display it. It doesn’t help either that my PS2 is a PAL console which doesn’t scale well with the OSSC at all to begin in my experience.

    Is it also possible to clean up the output of the OSSC a little? As in making the output less “noisy”?


    I also have had no luck getting 3x laced to work for PS2 on a 4K TV (LG 50UK6300). Posted yesterday about it. I’m NTSC, but same issue. Basically just bumping your post hoping someone will see this who has found the 3x laced special sauce 🙂


    The Extron DSC 301 scaler supports it, but the results aren’t that great that I’d go rush out and get one.

    I take it Kingdom Hearts doesn’t work with GSM mode selector then?

    Exactly how is the output from your OSSC noisy?


    Same, when I try to use 3x laced my tv refuses it. I don’t even get the usual “no signal” but a straight up “invalid format” black screen. I don’t really need to mode that much, but it makes me curious… But like BuckoA51 said “the results aren’t that great” soooo…


    GSM works. Seems to be behaving with the OSSC. As for it being noisy, there’s like a ghosting effect around things. Not sure exactly what it is but that’s the only way I can describe it.


    Ringing is a common upscaling artifact, introduced by your display. You can try to reduce the sharpness setting on your TV.


    What kind of component cables do you have? I also have a PAL console (SCPH-39002) and with the OEM PS3 component cables there are no ringing artifacts and no noticeable noise at a reasonable viewing distance. That said I do not play any PAL games and instead stick with US/JP releases.

    While we’re all talking PS2 does anyone here have any experience with optimal timings for PS2 games?, I’ve had some success with the games listed at junkerhq but is there any easy way to determine the internal resolution on a PS2 game?, for PS1 titles I’ve been using PSXemulator’s debug function to grab the internal resolution so I can set the optimal timing mode accordingly.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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