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    I bought the RetroTink 2X on January 2020 (v3.2), and I finally have been able to use it today. Note I am a happy user of the OSSC using the SCART output with many devices (PSX, C64, Amiga).

    I am using an S-VIDEO cable connected to the Video output port (DIN connector ) on the C128D PAL (Made in Germany).
    I have the following questions:
    1- If a TV is not able to display the output of the RetroTink, is there any settings on the RetroTink to make it working?
    Out of 3 HDMI devices (US based), only one is displaying the output:
    – The two TVs (Samsung UN40EH530F and TV Samsung LT22B350) display “Mode not supported, Resolution not supported”. Note they both show properly the vertical colored bars of the RetroTink 2X.
    – The Monitor Samsung LS27E310 is displaying the output of the C128.

    2- The monitor Samsung is displaying a vertical and horizontal white lines, as shown here, any hint on how to hide those?
    white lines

    3- in the output of the S-VIDEO, there are noticeable vertical lines all over, either when using the RetroTink 2X device, either when, as shown here, using a LCD PAL Samsung SyncMaster monitor (without hdmi) I own by plugging directly to its S-VIDEO. Is this a problem with the DIN<->S-VIDEO cable I am using?

    Vertical lines


    Is it a PAL C128? It’s possible your US TVs don’t like the pal signal.

    The vertical bars are unfortunately a fact of life for the C64 and C128, in fact on the C128 they’re usually worse.


    @buckoA51: yes, it is a C128D PAL as I stated in the original email.

    Thanks for answering point 3.

    What about question 1 and 2?


    Unfortunately no, there’s no settings to change to improve compatibility other than making sure the device is in line double mode.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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