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    I installed my component mod board today. I opted to put it into my 250466 SixtyClone to avoid any fitting issues. I did find it necessary to remove my TOLB clock replacement as it was interfering with the VIC-II board. An original 8701 chip was installed and the VIC-II board fit just fine.I also had a bit of a challenge with placement of the main PCB so that it lines up with the case openings but I ended up using some square female pin header sockets that I cut down. Not very attractive but it works fine.

    The board works just fine pumped through my OSSC’s component input, although there is a slight border on the bottom of the screen. Since my monitor’s HDMI input does not allow for position adjustments, I will have to adjust the OSSC’s settings instead. I know that won’t be as easy as it sounds.

    So what I am confused by is that it was my understanding that the A/V port on the C64 would still be functional. The output quality is said to resemble what you would achieve if you had an R/F mod bypass installed. I am very familiar with that since I have two similar boards installed in other C64s. With component board installed, my A/V monitor is now showing “no signal”. To be more precise, my S-Video to VGA adapter is not detecting a signal. This converter works fine on the C64’s unmodified A/V out.

    I tried moving the default slider switch position to 240p/288p thinking it might have something to do with it but it did not help.

    Did I miss something with the install or is the chroma/luma signal coming out of this component-modded C64 different in some other way?

    Since the only other thing I touched in the C64 was the clock chip, I wonder if I may have killed it. It is a MOS chip after all :). Does the component board still depend on this clock signal or does it generate its own? If the chroma/luma still needs it, this could explain the lack of signal if I in fact killed it.

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