RF, Composite, S-Video, solution?

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    How exactly Mike connected the RetroTINK-2x to his PVM?
    HDMI->VGA->RGBS,, what did he use for VGA->RGBS?

    I have built this circuit which works perfectly with (DVI)VGA->RGBS from my GTX660 Nvidia with 15kHz (1280×240) resolution for Retroarch, but not from the HDMI->VGA adapter from ebay, the OSSC set to Passthrough (240p).
    I assume that not all HDMI->VGA adapters from ebay are the same.

    HV sync to C sync


    can’t you just feed in HSYNC to the PVM rather than needing to combine the syncs?

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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