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    Does anyone know how to connect and arcade machine to the OSSC? A standard arcade machine has 5 wires that would normally connect to a CRT. They are Red, Green, Blue, Sync and Ground. Also there are standard res and medium res games.

    Any Help would be appreciated.



    Most people use a kind of prebuilt device called a Sync Strike Supergun to bring the video and/or sync voltages down to consumer video levels that won’t damage their other video equipment. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of a definitive/authoritative design or product to point to.

    You can build your own adapter/cable, but you’ll probably need an oscilloscope to measure the video levels output by your board in order to determine which components you need and on which lines.


    Does the syncstrike actually attenuate video/sync levels though? I thought the primary purpose was only to strip sync from composite video. I have to admit I’m not so knowledgable on the arcade stuff, but don’t people use a supergun normally?

    And yes OSSC will accept both standard and medium res modes.


    Oops; you are correct; I did mean supergun. I’ll update my post.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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