connecting OSSC to x68000, cable(s) needed?

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    Can someone tell me what cable I need to connect x68000 computer to the OSSC? I saw this video, but many details were left out

    1. So one side of the cable will have to be the special x68000 15-pin connector, and the other side has to be a standard 15-pin VGA cable.
    I think in this video above, that the person either made or bought a cable such as that.

    2. And once you have the cable, you plug into the VGA input on the x68000. And I am wondering after doing that, if any special setup needs to be done in the OSSC? or will it ‘just work’ and display games on the LCD connected to the OSSC (DVI version is the one I have)?

    3. I have a DELL 2001FP which does 15khz too. So I guess its sort of a multi-sync monitor. So it seems if I had the cable mentioned in step 1 above, that the combination of the x68000, and OSSC, and this DELL 2001FP should work OK.

    4. But also have a standard XM29 or 2950 is what it says on back of it (not the plus model or any fancy model like that) just literally XM29. It has a VGA connection on the back of it. And I know this monitor works for all or most older game consoles. And it says multi-sync right on the front of it. So it seems like if I had the cable in step 1 above, that I could just connect the x68000 directly to the XM29, and maybe not even need the OSSC? I am not sure the OSSC would be needed in this scenario. As long as I had a cable to connect the two? But I dont know if the cable to connect from x68000 to XM29, would be the same cable needed to connect as outlined in step 1, 2 and 3 above.


    I don’t own an X68000 but we’ve had quite a few happy X68000 and OSSC users, hopefully someone more experienced can chime in here too.

    1) Given the range of screen modes on offer here, I’d say SCART was a better option, as you may want the LPF active for 15 and 24 khz modes.

    2) See above, no special settings are required for basic functionality.

    3) OSSC converts all modes to 31khz unless set to pass through, but typically you’d only want to pass through 480i on a modern display.

    4) X68000 is tri-sync on its output depending on the software in use. I’m sure the XM29 supports both 15khz and 31khz, but I think only the Plus supports 24khz so you’d have to be mindful of that.


    Someone mentioned they are using this adapter for the x68000 to a VGA monitor
    Does anyone know if I could get one of those in UK/Europe somewhere?
    Might be easier then trying to buy from japan.
    It seems this is pretty critical to have this, before trying anything else. Especially with VGA cables/monitors/CRT’s involved


    Again I’d go with SCART rather than VGA if you’re using the OSSC.


    I tried using a SCART cable, from the sharp x68000 into the OSSC, and then tried to connect the DVI output from the OSSC to a dell monitor 2001FP…and nothing showed up on the DELL. And I saw on the OSSC that it was reporting 576i on the LED screen. Not sure whats up with this. I expected it to work just fine. I tried another scart cable from the same vendor, and same thing happened. Nothing showed up on the VGA DELL monitor

    Not sure why this cable + OSSC (DVI version) would not display anything on my Dell 2001FP monitor

    Do I need to change some settings in the OSSC to get this combination of hardware to work?


    In output options did you change it from HDMI to DVI?

    My ossc works fine with my x68000 and dell 2001fp using the ossc’s vga input. I initially didn’t get a picture but changing the setting to ‘dvi’ fixed this.

    For 15khz games I also had to set 3x or 4x

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