Considering purchasing an OSSC to hopefully mitigate internal TV scaler issue.

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    I currently use a 2019 Samsung 4k TV (RU7100) for my Wii and original Xbox, both of which primarily output 480p through the TV’s native component input. While sub-4k content upscales generally well, the TV occasionally exhibits a strange artifact on component 480p ONLY–interlaced resolutions and all HDMI content seem to be unaffected.

    The artifact is a bit difficult to describe, but it’s essentially a rectangular region near the top of the screen, horizontally stretching across the whole display, in which the content displayed within it is discolored and delayed by a few frames. It disappears after some time, but it’s very noticeable and has managed to break the immersion during some important moments. I’m not sure whether or not this is a defect unique to my display, but I am assuming the issue resides within the scaler.

    As a result, I am now thinking about purchasing an OSSC to handle the scaling for my Wii and Xbox, with the added bonus of improved picture quality. I am completely new to external scalers, but from what I have researched so far, the OSSC provides the best picture with the least input lag. Will this setup solve this problem?


    For 480i/480p don’t expect wonders in picture quality improvement over going direct to TV via component. On my set, the difference is barely noticable. It’s reasonable to expect it should fix that weird bug you have though. Afaik, processing paths are usually different between analog and digital inputs, so hopefully if signal is fed via HDMI, this will not occur.


    @ GD46 : I read few articles about OSSC. I understand that OSSC was a line double system, not a scaler …
    Or maybe I’m wrong…


    It is a line doubler not a full scaler, but that may be sufficient to fix the problem in this case. Only way to know for sure is to try it unfortunately.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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