Could OSSC be a solution to crappy xiaomi projector ?

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    Hello guys,

    I have in my possession a Xiaomi Laser (short focal) projector. I said in the title it’s crap: it’s not. I mean watching movies on it is really great, I love it.

    But I’d like to also be able to play on my old consoles. I already tried some cheap stuff to convert scart to HDMI (I’m really new to this world) and it fails so hard. I think those adapters are crap but it’s not the only issue: my projector has almost no settings for the image, meaning he transforms everything by default.

    That’s why I ask here before to buy an ossc: could it work on my projector? (it would avoid me to send back the ossc in case it doesn’t).

    To be more clear about the question, I think my projector needs to receive an input 1080p signal, and I’m not sure that’s what does the OSSC so I ask. (it’s in reality not really that bad and understand that 4/3 resolution must be 4/3 but it rescales badly anyway)

    I mean guys you know how we are: we want pixels on the screen, no stupid rescaling!

    Thanks 🙂

    And for people that could arrive on this page in the future: I hope this discussion helps you!

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