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    Hi to all from Greece!
    I purchased a digital av interface for my cps2 board.
    The installation went very very well and i was able to get PERFECT image through hdmi.
    What works is:
    Image through hdmi
    The Image signal is very stable

    What Doesn’t work is:

    Let me explain in depth. I can hear the sound effects and the music but there is a static sound that is very loud on top of those sound effects.

    Here is a google link with a video displaying the problem and some installation images.

    The sync cable i used is RG-174
    Also i dont have my cabinet to check if it has sound through the jamma harness but it was working 1 month ago when i tested it on the cabinet.
    The mess with the cables is a DB15 consolisation attempt that works well (i tested it on my input menu)
    The board also passes all the checks (RAM ROM) and i have the same issue with all the B-Boards i own.

    I am eagerly awaiting any input on the problem if you can help, or if you know someone that knows where to ask for more help.


    I fixed the problem. It wasn’t the coax cable although I changed it for a thicker one.
    It was a solder bead that has fallen between the legs of a chip i attached cables into it.
    It was causing a short. When I removed it the mood worked fine.


    Glad you got it sorted!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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