Crackle/pop audio through HDMI but not Analog

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    I have had my OSSC for a good year or more and it has been great. I used HDMI audio for the first time today and the sound was awful. Lots of crackles/pops and other distorted sounds. Odd thing is, it only happens when I use HDMI audio. If i use analog there are zero issues and it sounds great. Down-sampling the audio to 48khz helps reduce it but definitely doesn’t make it go away.

    I’ve tried multiple HDMI cables and multiple consoles. It happens with all of them. Is this a known issue? Does my OSSC have a hardware issue or is it just some odd setting I haven’t found?


    What firmware and what consoles are you using? Connecting to receiver or direct to TV?


    I have firmware v0.81-aud and I am using both the Genesis and Saturn. I’ve used multiple HDMI cables, SCART cables, etc. Same thing happens. If I downsample to 48khz the issue is much better but not 100%. The audio in general through analog seems much cleaner overall which I didn’t expect. I am connected directly to the TV but it is sending audio through ARC to the receiver to the speakers. Framemeister, PS4, etc are all connected this way without issue.


    I’d certainly try connecting to the receiver directly. Also connecting your PS4 like that you may be limiting what sound modes you can use.


    The ARC works amazingly on my setup. It still allows for Dolby Digital/DTS/etc. to be used. It just passes it along and my receiver is doing the decoding. It also has never messed up like with other setups. My TV is nothing special (2013-ish Vizio) and neither is my receiver (Marantz SR5005). I don’t have another TV to try this with but I suppose I can go try everything on my friend’s B7 OLED and see if it still does it. That may take a couple of weeks, however. My parents have an old HD WEGA TV as well that I could probably try on Thanksgiving when we’ll be visiting.

    I tried it connected just to the TV and using the TV’s speakers. Still happens.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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