Daisy chain two ossc

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    I wanted to ask if it is possible to daisy chain two ossc, the only reason for this is to have both vertical and horizontal scanlines (I think this won’t ever be possible on the ossc, correct me if I’m wrong).

    The setup will be like this:

    console (240p rgb) -> OSSC 1 (480p with horizontal scanlines) -> hdmi to vga converter -> OSSC 2 (960p with vertical scanlines) -> 4k tv

    I’m looking for the most crt look possible, I’ve done some tests with the dreamcast-toro-ossc and also seen similar tests with the wii virtual console and raspberry pie, all of them look great.

    Retrotink2x is also an option, but it will require an external SLG, component cables or an rgb to component converter (I only have rgb cables), getting a second OSSC will be cheaper.

    Another route will be to use 480p from a hi-def nes and or the ultrahdmi, again a second OSSC will be cheaper and it could be use on all 240p consoles.



    That’s a good question but, do you really want to spend £200 when this could come with the next free update ? Still, I’d like to know the answer.


    Sure, it’ll be great if this option is released some time in the near future. But I’ve read somewhere (don’t remember where) that this can’t be done on the ossc for some reason.

    Also, if only vertical and horizontal scanlines are enable, it looks is like a net (similar to a gba screen); only by enable “allow upsample 2x” you get a really nice crt effect. This setting is available for 2x 480p, but not for 4x 240p; the output resolution is the same (960p), but “allow upsample 2x” does nothing on 4x 240p (this being the main reason to consider a second OSSC).


    @PRC There’s no HW limitation for H+V scanlines, don’t believe all you read. It would be most appropiate for optimized modes where repeated columns can be overlayed instead of generic / upsampled modes (240p in line4x generic mode is effectively upsampled btw.).

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