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    Hi all,

    I recently received my DCDigital from VideoGamePerfection and installed it. However, during gameplay I noticed audio popping in every game I play. Also, from what I understand analogue video should still work after installing DCDigital. However, when using an RGB cable, the video is all messed up.

    The things I’ve already tried to solve these issues without success:

    – Reflow all solder connections on the ribbon cable going to the Dreamcast main board.
    – Replace all capacitors on the Dreamcast main board
    – Try a different PSU
    – Try different power cables and HDMI cables
    – Try a different television/ monitor and speakers

    The Japanese Dreamcast I’m using never had any audio or video problems before using this DCDigital kit. Does anyone have an idea what might be the cause of these problems?

    What I noticed, is the DCDigital came with a ribbon cable that’s different from the one on Black Dog’s website and any other site selling replacement cables. It’s orange instead of black and some pads and components are different from the black cable used in the fitting instructions. For example, the fitting instructions mention bridging JP1 on the cable, but this orange ribbon cable doesn’t have a JP1 pad.

    Another thing I noticed, is that the ribbon cable was slightly folded inside the box when it arrived. I can only guess this happened during shipping, but it seems hard to believe a minor fold would cause problems like these.


    We aim to ship the flex cables totally flat and even sourced the boxes specifically to allow us to do this, but as long as the cable was not kinked it should be fine.

    You’re correct that the analogue video should still work, what’s messed up exactly?


    Analogue video is no longer a problem. If I remember correctly, DCDigital was set to Force VGA. My upscaler DID NOT like that over RGB scart. I didn’t think changing output mode would also impact analogue video, but I guess it did. Setting DCDigital back to Cable Detect made analogue video work correctly.

    The only problem now is the audio popping. But honestly, I’m no longer sure that’s because of DCDigital. I’m using the system with an ODE (Terraonion’s MODE). I tried this ODE in a different Dreamcast without DCDigital. Listening closely, I can still hear faint audio pops in certain games without DCDigital. So I think the audio popping has probably always been there, it’s just that DCDigital makes it louder/ more noticable.

    As for the source of the audio popping, it might be either my MODE or the disc images I’m using.


    Ok thanks for the clarification!

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