Dead OSSC 1.6

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    few weeks ago, I had a big issue … I was playing my Sega Saturn through the OSSC and suddenly the lights of my house went out (and everything electric …). I had to rearm the fuses of my house and after that my TV was not starting anymore (dead) and my ossc was in a “lcd backlight works but nothing is shown” state. I did notice that the green led was acting to remote control actions, after some search on the forum I found that it means that the CPLD is working but can’t discuss with the HDMI chip.
    I started investigating about the issue and noticed that the HDMI chip was getting very hot, and I did notice that few transistors output were grounded (U7/U9 and some others). I removed the IT6613 and the transistors were not grounded anymore. I also noticed that the HDMI port have some burn marks. After ordering a new IT6613 (from china so it was quite long to get it), I installed it and I didn’t noticed any improvement (but the transistors are not ground anymore of course). I noticed that the U9 chip (a chip dedicated to audio conversion I guess) it also getting hot. I removed it and after that I started to have some life on the LCD : “Init error -2”. It seems to mean that the THS7353 is also dead ! But sometimes I have nothing on the screen, or some weird chinese/japanese characters and I had an Init error -4 once also (which means that the IT6613 I changed is not “reachable” I guess !
    I don’t know if I should continue changing everything on the board, because I fear that each time I change a chip, I will just discover that one other is dead … I don’t know what happened exactly on this board but it’s not good … I don’t know if the TV died and killed the OSSC, or if the OSSC killed the TV ! At least my Saturn is still working well (even if it’s for cheaper than the OSSC or the TV 🙁 ). I also put back the U9 chip and since then the LCD screen is not showing text anymore (like before I removed it).
    My OSSC was the first batch of 1.6 version (shipped september the 15th of 2017) so it’s not covered by guarantee (this is why I started trying to repair it by myself), but I wonder if I could send it back to you so you have a look (and charge me for repair costs) … I don’t have the same knowledge of how the OSSC work than you so you will understand what’s wrong faster than me … I miss my OSSC so much !


    If you’d like to see what repair options you might have with VGP, use the Contact Us form linked in the main navigation to get BuckoA51’s attention. 🙂


    Thanks for the information, I’ve just use the contact form to tell them about my issue !

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