Denon x3400h OSSC 480i passthru problem

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    I haven’t done extensive testing, but this firmware seems to fix an issue I’m having with my Onkyo TX-NR555 AVR and Samsung LN32B360C5D. With 0.83, 480i (59.94Hz) would end up getting scrambled/distorted, but not like the above Crazy Taxi image. This would occur reliably with MediEvil’s second intro movie (scrolling text with narration, pictured below) and the white Sony boot logo (when I was able to see it).

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    With the 0.84-vic firmware, 480i is legible. Only weirdness now, I think, is that it seems like my TV is doing a bob-deinterlace, because I can’t tell the difference between Passthrough and line2x from the OSSC.

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