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    I’d like to use the OSSC with my laserdisc player, which as some of you might know, only really supports composite output. The OSSC only has 3 inputs: component, RGB over SCART, and VGA. What I’m looking for, is a device that could take a composite and/or s-video signal, and convert it to component or RGB, WITHOUT upscaling or deinterlacing (that’s what the OSSC is for). Preferably, it would do this cleanly, without changing the image whatsoever. I really want to just let the OSSC handle any further image processing. I know this wouldn’t technically be an expensive thing to do, but I can’t seem to find anything online that isn’t $200 (like this one, can’t find ANY info on it, who knows how it works: ). If anyone could help me with this, I’d be extremely grateful!


    OSSC isn’t designed for laserdisc/movie deinterlacing and you’re really unlikely to get good results from using it for this purpose. It’s deinterlacer is built for speed, not picture quality.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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