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    Marqs, can you please include an option to disable scanlines in 480i but leave enabled in 240p?
    The Auto option on 480i works correctly as a CRT would but the picture doesn’t look good mainly because of non-integer scaling of 480i and as a result a darker image.

    Since the image is darker with scanlines I add backlight on my monitor but 480i will be much too bright and should be compensated using the Gain parameters in the OSSC, but the Gain parameters should go below 0 since on 0 the image is still too bright in comparison to 240p with scanlines.

    These changes should not be especially hard to implement since all the necessary code is already there just tweak how Scanlines and Gain react to 480i mode.



    The gain setting is mainly for correcting small video level variations between systems. Using it for compensating reduced overall brightness (with scanlines) is not recommended since you’d just crush any bright tones – unfortunately the only good way is to set display for higher luminance.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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