Does the CPS2/CPS3 Digital AV Board overclock any of the CPS2/3 chips?

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    Curious if this device overclocks any aspect of the CPS2/3 hardware in order to make sync. The reason being is that speed runners wouldn’t be able to use this if it did.

    For instance, some Neo Geo HDMI mods overclock the MVS/AES hardware so that the refresh rate syncs more in line with 60Hz – making it more compatible with modern televisions, but also making it so that games would be beaten in faster time periods despite performing the same inputs.

    Does the CPS2/3 HDMI kit overclock anything in this manner? Thanks in advance.


    Looks entirely passive to me. Installation only seems to involve reading RGB, sync, audio, and clock information. A post by marqs on shmups says the AV board outputs out at whatever refresh rate the board normally does, not unlike if you were to run the RGB output through an OSSC. There doesn’t seem to be any indication that it controls the clock, like the Hi-Def NES, and it appears incapable of framerate conversion.


    Thanks nmalinoski, appreciate the help!

    Now the only thing we have to hope for is a digital volume adjustment. Actually, shoot I need to do more research cause now I’m wondering if it has an adjustable scanline filter and brightness/contrast/saturation/level adjustments too. Been on the fence about getting this vs the OSSC for quite some time and I still don’t know which is better if the OSSC can do those things while the CPS2 HDMI can’t yet :/ (*if* it can’t yet – they just might not have updated their feature page)


    It looks like it does have digital volume adjustment; the PCB wireframe shown in step 4 of the installation instructions (as well as in at least one screenshot in that shmups thread) shows pads for volume up and down.

    I don’t recall reading anything about support for scanlines or color correction, though. I wouldn’t say it’s a question of which is better (OSSC vs digital AV board), but rather which features are most important to you.

    If you want both, I think you could use a combination of the digital AV board and a Framemeister. The Framemeister has an HDMI input, so it could directly take the output from the digital AV board; and it should be able to apply scanlines to a 1080p source on its HDMI input, but someone else will have to confirm, as I don’t have any of this equipment to verify that that configuration works.


    On-board clocks / game speed is not altered in any way, and no framerate conversion is done (so your display must support ~59.6Hz). There’s not many scanline options yet, but they’re fairly easy to merge from OSSC project once OSD & control features are implemented. As for digital volume control, it’s possible to implement but why would you want to adjust volume via the board (which may reduce dynamic range) instead of a receiver on the other end of HDMI cable?


    Thanks for the confirmation marqs =)

    And about the volume thing – simply put: Capture equipment.

    If I’m streaming a PS4/Genesis/any other system at a nominal volume level, I can easily go from streaming one to the other by adjusting the selection on my HDMI switch. But the minute you introduce a CPS2 board into the chain, the volume would be higher – because the amps Capcom used are notorious for being loud compared to even other arcade boards let alone the home consoles, and would be the only device in the chain that requires a capture cards volume to be adjusted every time you switched to it. =/

    Unless we had the ability to adjust that volume, which I’m really hoping we do =) because at the end of the day everybody’s setup is different, you know? Even if they aren’t streaming. And that other stuff is great news =D The fact that there’s no game speed alteration is awesome and the possibility of adjustable scanlines would be absolutely killer!

    Wait, while I’ve got you here has there been any testing done on whether or not this kit would work with CPS1 too? I already want to get one for my CPS3 board as well, but I haven’t heard much about the CPS1 front.


    Audio is tapped from digital path before the amps, so it doesn’t necessarily end up louder than other sources.

    For CPS1, there is a small adapter board on the works that will enable using the base cps2_digiav board on it neatly.

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