Dogyuun acts like Taito F3

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    I use a HAS supergun and OSSC at 5x and the only PCBs I had issues with were Taito F3 until I discovered that Dogyuun behaves very similarly. In order to get video from Dogyuun I have to change h.samplerate from 1935 to within about 1050-1200 although it’s cut off on the bottom and right sides and distorted on the left side just like F3. F3 requires h.samplerate at exactly 1190 as well as H-PLL pre-coast and H-PLL post-coast within 2-4.

    Is the solution for Dogyuun the same as for F3 which is to use a VGA hat with the HAS supergun for connecting to the OSSC?

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