DOS Mode 13h, 5X on a 1600×1200 panel?

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    Captain Book

    Hi all, I’ve just discovered that the OSSC exists (Marqs you’re a God) and I’ve been trying my best to search for the answer to my question.

    I have a 1600×1200 LCD (NEC 2190UXP, supports 70hz and 1:1 mapping) and I want to run DOS 320×200 games at line 5X (1600×1000) at crisp and clean 1:1 with no pixel mashing or other weirdness, just some mild letterboxing.
    As I understand it, 320×200 Mode 13h comes out of the PC VGA port line doubled to 640×400, meaning only line 2X will work (1280×800) which wastes a lot of space on my screen when mapped 1:1 (or goes blurry and misshapen when resized to 1600×1200 by the garbage monitor scaler.)

    Is there a way to ‘undersample’ the 640×400 PC VGA output by half at the OSSC input (ignore every second line) so that 5x can then be employed to maximize the 1600×1200 real estate? Or am I fundamentally misunderstanding the capabilities of the OSSC?

    Thanks in advance for any education you can throw my way!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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