Double image on the N64

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    Hi everyone, I’ve been searching round the internet to see if anyone else had the same problem but I was unable to come with this anywhere else and I’m hoping someone here could shed some light on it.

    I’m using:

    * PAL N64 with the RGB Advanced mod.
    * This cable: Retro gaming cables – Universal Nintendo Packapunch RGB cable
    * This is connected to AV1 on the OSSC, no switches or anything between.
    * OSSC goes directly to the TV, which is an LG UF850V.
    * The OSSC display says 315 -p (I’m kind of thinking this could be part of the problem since the mod menu on the N64 is reporting output at 576p?!), 15.62khz and just under 50hz, green light on obviously.

    The problem is that the image on the screen seems to flick between a dual image (so one image on the left one image on the right) and what you would expect to see, one image in the centre of the screen. Here are some screenshots:

    It can be quite fast, which makes it hard for me to do much on the settings for the advanced mod. This has been tested without the OSSC (although on a different TV), so I’m hoping that it’s something that can be resolved by tweaking the settings (which I’ve tried a lot but had no success – hopefully it’s not something stupidly easy!). I have a bunch of other consoles and it works perfectly with all of those.

    Any help is much appreciated!

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