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    My ossc has fw 0.77. When I connect my dreamcast via vga box to ossc I got a audio and image but the screen is blue-ish (All the white are blue) and there is flickr on the screen.
    I tried other consoles, and there is no issue. Also I connected the dc directly to the monitor and there is no issue.
    How can I solve this?

    Edit: Flickr issue was solved, by changing H-PLL Post-Coast = 1.
    Color issue remains, I can’t get correct colors on my display. I tried a different tv, tried several old firmwares. No luck.


    Have you tried other sources via VGA? I’m assuming the other consoles were connected via SCART or RGB…

    Also, are there any colours not being displayed? After constructing a DIY OSSC, I had a reddish screen with no green in the image at all – all green bits were black.


    Actually my issue is the same as decribed by @shadowbob in another thread.
    No solution is posted for color problem.

    I tried 2 vga boxes, different cables, and I used my laptops via output. The issue still occurs. As you can see in the image below. (the screen has green color all over it)


    “Has anyone else has issues with RGBHV input and the Dreamcast? Not sure if something has started failing in my unit, but the other day I noticed that there is a random flicker/white level change happening with VGA input from my Dreamcast. Noticeable on primarily lighter colors, especially the boot sequence. None of the other inputs have this occur or even with RGBS over AV3. Tried swapping Dreamcast systems, power supplies for the OSSC and it still happens. Bypassing the OSSC doesn’t show this issues on my VGA monitor. I’m going to try another RGBHV source like my GCN or my Xbox 360 VGA cable tonight to see if it’s that or something weird with how my Dreamcast VGA box interacts with the OSSC.”


    If the issue persists with another source we’ll sort out a repair/RMA for you.


    I tried Dreamcast and my laptop, with several different vga and dvi2hdmi cables on two different displays. And also I tried all firmwares form 0.73 – 0.78.

    Teddy Rogers

    Seems like a similar problem discussed here in this thread…

    VGA input seems to have lost red



    Thanks Ted, I applied for RMA.


    My OSSC on Dreamcast does the same to, i have a blue tint at all times, is this a common thing? can it be something i can repair?

    Blue Image 1

    Blue image 2

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