Dreamcast PAL scart sync

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    Hey folks.

    Forgive me if this is a known issue, but I’m just trying to wrap my head around OSSC and all the settings!

    I can get a good image out of my PAL Dreamcast using VGA into the OSSC, but for the odd game that doesn’t support it, I still need to swap back to SCART every now and then.

    Using Skies of Arcadia as a test, I’m able to get a 576i/625i signal into the OSSC, then using passthrough my TV seems to handle that just fine, however… I seem to be losing sync spradically, and then at certain points the sync disappears completely, the OSSC doesn’t even register anything at all.

    Interestingly, this seems to happen at the same points in the game whenever I test. During the intro movie, as an example, the signal will cut in and out frequently. The title screen and first parts of gameplay are absolutely fine, but then on hitting the first large boss battle, the sync rapidly flickers between modes and then loses itself completely. The same, reproducable problems are exhibited in other games also.

    Has anybody encountered this before? The console itself is fine as games will happily run in VGA mode without any issues. I’m wondering if it’s the SCART cable itself or whether there are some deep settings I need to tweak on the OSSC?

    Thanks in advance!

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