Elgato Cam Link 4k compatibility?

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    I’m looking forward to buying a capture device for my OSSC. I’ve read that the Elgato Cam Link should work with almost all modes but there exist 2 versions of it. The normal Cam Link that can record up to 1080p/60 and the Cam Link 4k that can record up to 4k/30. Has anyone got experience with the 4k version or does anybody know if all the modes work with it? This one would be practical because I have a Xbox one X at home and I could record it in 4k resolution. I hope someone can help me. Thank you.

    Mr Rahzin

    If your pc is strong enough, take the AverMedia GC573 Live Gamer 4K.
    It can play everything at the moment (snes 5x …) and is perfect for the XBOX One X.
    This is currently the best consumer card on the market and costs around 280 $/€.


    Interface: PCIe x4 Gen 2.
    Input: HDMI 2.0.
    Output: HDMI 2.0 with lag-free passthrough (cable included) with HDR support.
    Supported resolutions: Up to 2160p (4K) at 60 FPS, 1440p120 or 1080p240 and 140Mbps bitrate.
    Format h.264 and h.265.
    Dimensions: 125 mm x 151 mm x 21.5 mm.
    Weight: 208g.

    System requirements for 4K capture
    OS: Windows 10 64-bit
    Processor: 6th Gen Intel Core i5 and above
    GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1060
    RAM: 8GB dual-channel
    Vacant PCIe 4x/8x/16x slots

    Xellos 101

    Hello my English bad on please tell me how OSC works with this capture card on the Internet very little information about this AverMedia GC573 Live Gamer 4K.

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