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    I recently acquired an Extron CD 400 intending to use it to display my CVBS and Y/C only sources (VHS, LD, unmodded N64/NES) on my Ikagemi HTM-1505RA1. Unfortunately, while it does indeed power on, it does not seem to detect any source I throw at it.

    While the power indicator and range bar on the unit light up, no buttons provide any light or other indication that they recognize my inputs. Likewise, my display never shows any sign of receiving a signal from the unit.

    In my troubleshooting I have tested both auto and manual source selection. The output sync switch is kept set to HV as is appropriate for my display, though I briefly tried it on H just to say I tried everything. The video standard is kept to 5, NTSC, though I did try it with others to be safe, as the 1505 handles PAL signals as well. In addition, I have tried every conceivable combination of the units dio switches. It is connected directly to my display and I have run sources both directly into the unit and through my extron crosspoint.

    All that said, does anyone have any idea what I might be missing? Is the device itself defective? I know it’s kind of a less common piece of equipment, but if anyone has any insights, I’d be greatly appreciative. Thanks in advance!


    It honestly sounds defective to me. I’m certain those units support 240p and simply transcode.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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