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    Post originally by rtstu

    Hey Everyone,

    Finally took the plunge and picked up an OSSC on here. LONGEST QUESTION EVER incoming:

    My previous setup utilized a RetroTINK 2X to an Atlona AT-HD510VGA scaler to my Elgato HD Capture card with my Denon AVR 1913 passing through the HDMI signal untouched. As the Atlona is a full-on video scaler, rather than a line-doubler, I was able to capture all my consoles without issue.

    With the RetroTINK + OSCC combo, I’m able to capture either Line 2X from the OSSC (with 240p pass-through from the RetroTINK), or line-doubling from the RetroTINK with the OSSC passing the signal through (the more reliable of the two methods). Line 2X, 3X, 4X+ mostly work with my display but not my capture card. I get the best results with my 240p consoles going through the 2X w/an HDMI to YPbPr converter on AV2 rather than HDMI to VGA on AV3.

    *Note: my 480p 6th gen consoles look outstanding through AV3 with a VGA breakout cable, but I can only capture 480p pass-through for those consoles as well. 480p is the ceiling for all inputs without an additional scaler in between the OSSC and my capture card.

    As the image quality I can get with optimal timing when doing something like a 4X of 240p pass-through is phenomenal, I’d love to be able to capture that footage directly so that I don’t need to upscale all the footage in post. My existing devices do allow me to upscale the 480p routes I mentioned earlier, but they are less than optimal.

    – My Atlona is a VGA scaler, so using that device would mean my 240p consoles would travel from: Component > HDMI (RT2X) > Component (Cheap Converter) > HDMI (OSSC) > VGA (Tendak Converter) > HDMI (Atlona Scaler) — All before passing through my AVR, then an HDMI splitter, then going to my Elgato… WAY too many conversions for my taste, even if they’re all quick and not too lossy. Plus, I want to use the Atlona in my 2nd (CRT) Setup with my iScan Pro for capturing composite consoles, my C64, and VHS tapes.

    – My AVR will handle 480p from the RetroTINK 2X passed through the OSSC, and native 480p content passed through as well, but the results are softer than I would like, and then Denon won’t touch any of the non-standard resolutions that the OSSC spits out on 3X, 4X, etc.

    I do plan on picking up a Startech USB3HDCAP to capture the OSSC in the future, but I’d love to maximize display compatibility in the future as well. As mentioned earlier, my display does alright with most of the OSSC’s oddball resolutions — but not all.

    The REAL question:

    The Extron DSC 301 seems to be highly recommended as a complementary scaler to “normalize” the OSSCs output for displays and capture devices. The one caveat seems to be the SNES (as always). While my display and capture card absolutely WILL NOT tolerate a SNES signal coming through the OSSC directly, no matter the line mode, they will both take a SNES that’s been passed through the RetroTINK 2X. Does anyone know if the RT2X provides a similar compatibility boost with the DSC 301 as well?

    Thanks for reading my novel, and I hope someone has some insight on the DSC’s SNES compatibility with an RT2X in the mix.


    I went ahead and picked up the Startech USB3HDCAP, and I’ll be doing some compatibility testing this weekend.

    Does anyone have a RetroTINK 2X and an Extron DSC 301 that could test this out for me. I would love to have some information before I plop down $100+ on a 301.


    I can tell you the DSC301 doesn’t like the SNES+OSSC without the dejitter mod, but works great with the de-jitter installed.

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