Finding parts substitutes, will these work? (caps, resistors, transistors)

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    (Original part # on the BOM) > (Substitute part)

    GCM188R70J225KE22D > JMK107B7225KAHTR
    GRM21BR60J476ME15L > GRT21BR60J476ME13L
    SD05-7 > SD05.TCT or SD05T1G?
    GRM188R61C105KA93D > GRM185R61C105KE44J
    MCT06030C1000FP500 > MCT0603MC1000FP500 There’s a 25 PPM / C Temperature Coefficient difference is that okay?
    BC847C,215 > BC847C,235
    06036D106MAT2A > JMK107ABJ106MA-T
    RK73H1JTTD2201F > RK73H1JRTTD2201F

    I’m trying to order everything from mouser to keep things simple for myself and my records. Some of these parts from mouser are out of stock and have delivery dates listed as late as Dec-18, so I’m trying to search for alternatives. Some of these are in stock at Digikey which is a reputable place, but has anyone ordered from Arrow or Newark? These two sites have some of these in stock, but I’m not too sure if they’re as reliable as digikey or mouser.

    This is my first “big” soldering project and I’m not a electronics engineer or anything like that. My experience is mostly following instructions for console modchips and such, so I’m unsure of which small differences in these substitute components can potentially break this project.

    Thanks in advance!


    Regarding caps -> you can’t do much wrong, as long as you buy some:

    • with the same capacitance
    • with the same (or higher) voltage rating
    • with the same (or lower) tolerance
    • with the same case code (= size)

    As for resistors -> everything should be okay, as long as you buy some:

    • with the same resistance
    • with the same (or higher) power and voltage ratings
    • with the same (or lower) tolerance and temperature coefficient
    • with the same case code (= size)

    Maximum and minimum operating temperatures should keep in mind too… but since you wont nearly reach those limits in this case, they are not THAT important.


    Ah okay, the temperature coefficient should be okay with the MCT0603MC1000FP500 because it is lower. The rest of the caps and resistors all meet the criteria so that should be good too!

    As far as the diode goes the one that I chose as a substitute (SD05T1G) has a 0.55 higher breakdown voltage compared to the one listed on the BOM (SD05-7). Does this voltage value need to be the same? Is it okay if it is that much higher?


    I’m no electronics engineer either, but as far as i know, the temperature coefficient describes how much the resistance of a resistor changes while its temperature changes. It is described in parts per million (PPM) for 1 degree celsius (PPM/C) and will be calculated like it’s described here:

    In short: a lower value means less change – so the resistor has a more stable resistance throughout a large change in temperature.

    For a diode a higher breakdown voltage is better, since it describes the voltage a diode can survive until its insulated parts become conductive. So there’s no problem with your replacement diode either.


    Awesome thanks! I think I’m good to go. Thanks for the help and the knowledge I appreciate it, can’t wait to give this a shot

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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