Firmware 0.81

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    Firmware 0.81 is now available:

    * multiplication-based scanline method added
    * hybrid scanline option added
    * 640×400 preset mode added
    * option for linking input to profile added
    * LCD backlight timeout option added
    * H.mask range increased
    * Infoscreen display updated
    * fixed applying of some power-on default values
    * fixed optimized mode mask and position inaccuracies
    * pre-ADC video gain setting added

    That’s a number of updates, and we’re now at the point where pretty much all the remaining code space (on -aud version) has been utilized with all the low-hanging fruits of size optimization as well used. It’ll be quiet for a while on the firmware front as some larger-scale solutions need to be experimented with to solve the issue.


    Huge thank you.

    Teddy Rogers

    Thank you for the updated firmware and features.

    Will you be updating the online Junker manual explaining the new features for the uninitiated amongst us?



    Can you please explain the scanline updates? Big thanks for the added improvements!


    Awesome, can’t wait to try it out tomorrow.
    Huge thanks to marqs, borti, paul and everyone else involved in this major update. ^_-


    * hybrid scanline option added
    * fixed optimized mode mask and position inaccuracies

    Very pleased about these two additions. I’ve been using hybrid scanlines in the beta version of this FW and I really like them. They look even better than standard scanlines imo.
    Position inaccuracy was something I didn’t know was being fixed until I saw this today. Really pleased with that! Finally my Super Famicom doesn’t have a single pixel cut off on the left side. Looks perfect now.

    * pre-ADC video gain setting added

    I’m curious for more info about this. I read the separate thread in the requests forum about this feature, and I understand it’s to compensate for the 1-chip’s blown-out colours, but using various colour test patterns and adjusting this setting, I find the default of 8 actually looks the best. Are certain models less bright than others? Or is the OSSC set to compensate for this by default? Or am I just crazy?

    Edit: oh also super stoked about the display timeout feature. That’s bugged me for forever


    I just flashed my OSSC to this latest firmware and now although I am getting an image fine. I cannot seem to get any more audio out from the TV like I used to from the RGB AV1 port. Any advice on what to change in the OSSC settings? I tried all the usual make sure the cables are not half hanging loose etc..


    Got it sorted. Flashed with the wrong bin file. Needed the 0.81-aud.bin file and it’s sorted.

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