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    I recently updated my ossc to 0.86 and when using my previous settings for line3x – 320*240 optimal, the image was full of wobbly pixels. Other parts of the screen had pixels that randomly turned itself on and off.

    I tried to reset the ossc and use several settings for Ps1 games I found on the web, including Firebrands settings.

    But I could not get rid of the wobbly pixels no matter what I did.

    Running ps2 (scart rgb w/ csync) and Wii (component) games, both on passthrough, worked without any problems though.

    So the problem seems to be when doing line multiplying.

    In my case, it was running Ps1 games on a PS2 slim.

    Settings I use:
    Lpf: 16mhz

    However, when I downgraded to 0.85,everything worked like a charm.
    So I’m starting to believe that 0. 86 might have a few issues with certain setups??
    Or could it be that the chips on my ossc comes from a revision that may have met its limits when running on 0.86?


    Strange. How does it look in 3x generic 4:3 mode?
    Also note that optimal samplerate is not the same when playing ps1 games on ps2 as on original console. See this post.

    However, if you are on a PAL PS2 then 432 may still be correct in this case (432 is half of 864, the 576i/576p standard samplerate, which would correspond to 429/858 for ntsc as reported in the linked thread).


    Yes, I forgot to mention that I’m running PAL.

    My mistake 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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