Firmware v0.77

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    * Sync processing rewritten, fixing interlace detection issues etc.
    * Mask brightness range increased
    * Line2x optimized modes added
    * 480i/576i Line3x and Line4x modes added
    * HDMI IT content option added
    * Some compatibility options added


    Thanks Marqs – will give it a shot. Probably a stupid question but it doesn’t save profiles/settings between firmware updates, right?


    All profiles get erased unfortunately. 🙁

    Is there any way to prevent firmware updates from clearing the profiles? Or allow the user to save and store the profiles on an SD card so that updating the firmware won’t affect profiles?

    Would also be interesting in binding default profiles to individual inputs until the user changes them manually. Maybe allow this with a config file?


    Thanks – followed the guides here and very simple to update, felt like a lot of safeguards in there to prevent bad flash too which is very reassuring


    Thanks Marqs. 256×240 optimized lineX2 with the SNES looks much better than generic 4:3.


    Thank you! It solved all my sync and compatibility issues!


    Upgrade went fine. Also stopped the issue of not being able to switch from 16:9 to 4:3 on the TV when going from a 240p source to a 480p source (used to have to reboot the TV)

    line 3x or 4x 480i modes don’t work on the TV though… Shame. Still can’t get 5x stable for 240p either (4x looks great, but disables any of the zooming/resize options on the TV) so I’m sticking with 3x.

    Nice update!


    When I change the LineX mode the screen goes blank for a second and comes back on in the new settings. I’m sure this only happened when changing the settings of the current input. ie if it was a 240P input and I was changing the settings for 240P it would cause the screen to go blank for a second. If I was changing the 480P settings it wouldn’t affect the screen at all. I used it as a method to ensure I was changing the correct setting.

    Since this upgrade, no matter what post processing option I change, it causes the screen to go blank for a second.

    Have I remembered it correctly? or have has the screen always gone blank no matter what post-process option you change?


    @Marqs. Does the jic file include firmware for audio board? If so, can you do a version without audio? The current jic keeps getting ‘failed to update’ response in Quartus.

    I probs should just install the audio board and try again but I don’t have easy access to my tools atm so hoping for a lazy solution 🙂

    Edit: have installed audio board and updated firmware. Think there must be a problem between my JTAG programmer and the OSSC somewhere, as again I couldn’t update via JTAG, but the SD card update did work ( when I tried prior to audio board installation, update via SD card also wasn’t working.


    I just updated from 0.76 to 0.77 and now my Samsung 46″ LED is doing line 4x (previously only went up to line 3x) 😀
    I did notice something odd though in my short amount of testing. Some systems work in 5x as well, but the NES does not….unless I change TX mode from HDMI to DVI. That makes 5x work on NES, but it also stops HDMI audio :\. I didn’t know there’s a possible firmware workaround for this.


    Also, thanks Marqs for the brightness mask adjustment. The greyness is equivalent to that of my panny plasma 4:3 sidebars option so I assume the IR will also be quite minimal after extended 4:3 gaming sessions with the OSSC.


    dumb question but just to be sure, the OSSC 1.5 with audio board would need ossc_0.77-aud.bin, right?

    EDIT: sorry, took a minute to find the answer (yes) on JunkerHQ.

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