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    Ok did something stupid, just updated OSSC firmware with the latest version but i used the aud.bin file by mistake instead of the normal .bin and my OSSC is the normal one, i tryed to install the correct one but can´t acess the menu with the remote, it´s just stuck on the inicial screen saying fw0.82aud. Any solution besides having to buy the audio board and tranform it in a internal audio OSSC one ?


    ok just found out you can reprogram the remote by turning off and on the ossc while pressing the red button 1 on it. Updated again with the right file , if ou do the same mistake hope it helps.


    The remote control setup is described in the wiki:


    And afaik your problem had nothing to do with the aud- and non-aud-firmware. It’s simply a totally normal behavior for the OSSC to return to its standard ir codes after a firmware update:


    So: if your remote is programmed with compatible (but different) ir codes, after any new firmware-version you’ll have to configure your remote again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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