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    Hi all,

    My issue here may be more related to how sync really works.

    I just got a 4 ports MadCatz SCART switch, and I tried using it with my Gamecube and my SNES (both using original SNES cables). Ports 2 and 3 output a decent image, but I can’t get ports 1 and 4 to work properly:

    – On 50Hz Gamecube games, frequency stays at 49,97Hz (where the OSSC displays 50,00Hz on working ports)
    – Same happen on 60Hz Gamecube games, should be 59,94Hz but displays 59,90Hz
    – With the SNES, I get nothing but the “NO SYNC” message (but no issue on 2 and 3)

    I’m assuming that, if the switch was defective, no sync at all could be get, or at least it would not be stable?
    Would it be the cables and their quality? I’m getting RGC cables in few days, I wonder if it would make any difference.
    More generally, how does it work? 😀 I mean, I know for sure the correct frequency for each console in each mode, but I believe it’s not as simple as asking the OSSC “hey, keep this frequency please”, right?

    Thanks !

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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