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    Guys I just got a G. Darius PCB (Taito FX-1B) that I want to test to see if it works. I only have the following accessible right now:

    PCB to HAS Super Gun
    HAS to OSSC
    OSSC to LG C9

    So this setup works for all my current PCBs and if there is sync I get a green light on the OSSC and a picture on the TV. No sync, no green light/no picture.

    On this new G. Darius PCB, I get a green light, but the OSSC says no sync and of course I never get past the grey start screen.

    Is the PCB bad or do I need to try some settings?

    Output to settings doesn’t seem to matter as the OSSC never says it has sync, despite the green light.

    OK, so I found this:


    “Known issues / limitations

    interlaced content via AV3 in RGBHV/RGBS mode requires a hack to work (TVP7002 issue).
    240p systems/games using even field indicator such as Chrono Cross (PSX) or G Darius (arcade) require a hack to work via AV1/2 (TVP7002 issue). OSSC input must be pre-selected and not changed with such games.”

    But it doesn’t say what the “hack” is to use AV1. I have an adapter for AV3 that I use with my Taito F3 systems, however I don’t have it with me at the moment.

    If I understand this correctly, my stock OSSC via AV1 will not be able to syn to a Taito FX-1B arcade system?

    Here it makes it seem like it will work, so if not, I recommend updating the Wiki for future reference:


    OSSC Specific settings

    Games running on this PCB use 240p (both odd & even field signal modes) and 480i. To ensure the game works correctly, select the correct input on the OSSC before starting up the game and do not change it during gameplay.

    ****So again, I set the OSSC to AV1 BEFORE giving the PCB power, but still nothing. Do the directions mean I have to use AV3 and switch to that first? I cannot do this at this time as I don’t have the “VGA” connector available. I would like to know if this is what the Wikki means though, as in:



    If you’re getting no sync at all, that sounds like something a little more critical, the problem you’re referring to manifests itself as garbled sync, or the OSSC not being able to lock onto the signal (so the LCD goes crazy changing numbers).

    No sync at all suggests something else is faulty in the video chain.


    Thanks Bucko, but am I getting no sync? The green light was on!!! Hmm, so can anyone else with an FX-1B board just confirm what AV input you are using and if it’s working?

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