GameCube on OSSC = Black screen with sounds

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    Got an OSSC for a while now and i love it to play some NES, SNES and Genesis/Sega CD on my new OLED TV. (will get more cables and mods in the future for my other consoles)

    Now, when i got my OSSC i modded my NES with RGB using a multi-out connector i salvaged from a damaged GC board. Been using the same cable for my NES and my SNES. I thought to myself…Gamecube got a multi-out! So i tried connecting my Gamecube with a scart cable to my OSSC and all i get is sound with a black screen.

    I did hear that the Gamecube was a bit special with the whole component cable thingy. Do RGB only output on the Digital out and not the multi-out? What’s missing here?



    As far as analogue output goes, if your GameCube is NTSC, that would be why you’re not getting any video–they don’t output RGB. NTSC models will output S-Video but not RGB, and PAL models will output RGB but not S-Video.

    You can, however, still get digital RGB out of your NTSC GameCube if you have one of the DOL-001 units with the digital AV port by using an external GCVideo product; or, if you have a DOL-101 without the digital AV port, one of the internal GCVideo products.


    sorry for bumping old posts. but i have this problem right now. does using RetroTINK-2X / pro solves this problem? i have a couple of NGC consoles originated from japan, non of them works with my PAL tv, using analog rgb cable. im thinking of either buying digital av cable or using RetroTINK-2X instead.


    Use a GCHD MK2 adapter and a transcoder if RGB is required.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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