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    Hello everyone!

    This is a question that is more of a comparison between the Retrotink 2x Pro and the OSSC for a specific input:
    I have a Gamecube PAL with either SCART RGB or the Component “Digital output” cables.
    I know that this can go through the OSSC in passthru mode, 525i 60hz 15.73khz, so between the Retrotink and OSSC, there must be no difference between the two cables and transcoders.
    First question: is that right?

    Additionally, I have a SNES and N64 (non modded) that I will use less often but that I want to be able to plug in.
    My two options are the Retrotink 2x pro, or the Koryuu+OSSC.
    If the answer to the first question is: no difference, I imagine that up to 2x in resolution when managing the SNES input, there is also no difference between the two options, right?

    Thanks for the enlightenment, I know how analog video works but I am not sure if there is a real difference for the Gamecube in that case, using either of these two cables or options.

    TL;DR: I can use a PAL Gamecube with SCART RGB or Component cables, if there is no difference with this console when using either a Retrotink 2x pro or an OSSC, choosing a Retrotink or a Koryuu+OSSC for other consoles is down to how much I want to process their signal I believe?


    First question – The biggest difference is that the OSSC can support 480p mode, which is hugely beneficial to GameCube games. You need homebrew + component cables to use this on PAL GC games but it’s very much worth it. Interlace should be avoided wherever possible.

    Second question – Yes you’re basically right here you will get very similar performance at 2x.


    I see, I forgot about the forced progressive mode you can achieve, thank you for the answer.

    I also remembered that when using the 50hz mode on PAL games, the resolution on input should go from 525i to 625i. Does the RetroTink 2x pro support this resolution in passthru mode? I can only see mention of 576i maximum, or “whatever resolution is fed will be output” depending on the documentation I can find.


    576i is PAL interlace, so yes it’s supported.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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