Garbage audio through HDMI using Hydra switch?

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    Hi all,

    Have an older OSSC, one that needed the audio upgrade. Did that, and had it with a bandridge 5 port automatic switch -> TV -TV Optical to Receiver (since receiver can’t handle the weird timings on some consoles doing 1080p. Things worked fine.

    Swapped out the switch for a Hydra (original) 8 port this week. I get garbage static filled audio when using HDMI – > TV – TV Optical to Receiver. Using the older analog audio connection from the OSSC (mini jack out) sounds way way better.

    What gives? The mini jack and the audio upgrade board are hooking into the same SCART pins.. so I don’t get it at all. I tried reaching out to the Hydra guy, but he’s not much help because the “analog audio works”.

    Connecting consoles direct to OSSC, no issue with HDMI audio, connecting via bandridge no issue. Process of elimination would say its “something” with the Hydra.. but no idea what..


    Hydra only passes through the audio it doesn’t do anything to it so that is extremely strange.

    Could one of your cables be over voltage, no Superguns or anything like that in there?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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