Generic 4:3 vs 256×240 optim

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    Michal Stepien

    I have 2012 43′ Samsung TV FULL HD.
    Console is SNES PAL 1CHIP
    Cable is RGC SCART PAL Luma on sync
    I use line3x

    and that is is the issue:
    in 256×240 optim picture is amazing but aspect ratio is off a little bit — that is 1.5
    in Generic 4:3 AR is 4:3 but there is slight jitter — you can see it only if you are just at the TV.

    Changing sample phase does not help. Did any one have such issue? Maybe 1.5 AR is fine? Is here anyone
    with CRT and SNES PAL and eg. Super Mario World willing to take picture to show what is correct AR?


    256×240 optimised can only be integer scaled, therefor AR can never be correct in this mode. You can see the multiplication factors here (bottom of page):

    For reference, AR of SNES visible area should be 256/224 * 8/7 = 1.306122449

    To reduce jitter in generic mode, try toggling TVP H-PLLx2.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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