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    Hi all,

    First post here as a new OSSC owner and had a few questions.

    1. I’m using a genesis 2 with HD Retrovision cables. The 3 video cables (R, G, and B) go into the OSSC while the red and white audio cables go into my Pioneer Receiver, which connects to a L and R speaker. The OSSC outputs HDMI to a Tendak HDMI to VGA adapter and into a Sylvania F97 VGA CRT.
    I was playing Contra Hard Corps and experienced audio issues. I could hear the music just fine but the sound effects and voices felt muted. When I unplugged the red audio cable and routed all audio to one speaker (mono audio), the problem was solved. But, I would like to experience proper stereo sound. How can I do this?

    2. I also tested a PS2 using the same cable route, just adding an adapter to the HD Retrovision cable. With God of War in progressive mode (enabled in-game) everything looked and sounded great. However, with Rule of Rose (only outputting in 480i,) the game looked snowy just like it does on a normal CRT through component video. Is there any way to get a better picture or is this simply not the route to go for PS2? Would love to see RoR in better quality like in YouTube vids I’ve seen.

    Thanks so much!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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