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    I cant get 3x mode or the 1920×1080 5x mode (the one that cuts off a bit of the top and bottom of the screen and zooms into the picture) to work with the StarTech USB3 Capture Card. I don’t mind playing on the other 5x formats for NES but for SNES there’s normally a black border on the top and bottom of the screen. I’m not expert at the OSSC (only got it about a month or 2 ago) but is there any to get this sort of “zoom” on any of the other modes ?


    Short answer – No, you can’t “Zoom” the image with OSSC.

    Long answer… well you kind of can, in some situations if your display will tolerate it, it’s not really a zoom as such more getting the OSSC to ignore parts of the image.

    Hit the menu button on the remote, then navigate to “sampling opt” on the LCD and hit “OK”. Now, use the remote to find “Adv. Timing” and hit “OK” again. There will be several advanced options to tweak in here, the ones you want to change are:- – Reduce this to “zoom” so to speak
    V.backporch – Adjust as necessary

    Adjust V.backporch and H.backporch to taste to centre your image.

    This is most useful for PAL material that was badly converted and squashed in the first place, where you can reduce V.Active to 240 and get back NTSC size image.

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