Graphical Anomaly (PS1)


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    Hey all,

    I’ve been playing a lot of PS1 since getting my PSIO up and running. One thing I have noticed is that on booting up, I get a certical line scrolling up the top third of the screen. This doesn’t happen every time, but does on most. I’ve tried booting with and without the PSIO plugged in, and it can occur in both cases. Here’s my current setup:

    – OSSC 1.6 with latest firmware in Line5x
    – PS1 CSYNC cable from
    – SCPH-7501 PS1 with PSIO board installed
    – Samsung Q8FN 4k tv

    Here’s a short video showcasing the anomaly:

    The PSIO guys say they don’t see it as being an issue with their product. I did notice the anomaly also occurs faintly when there is loading of any kind (e.g. when exiting a ‘loading’ hallway in Symphony of the Night).

    Any ideas? It’s not a gugely noticeable issue, but I wanna make sure I’m not damaging my console, OSSC, or both. I’ve noticed no issues on any of thr other consoles I have hooked up to the OSSC (e.g. Genesis, NES, Dreamcast, etc.).

    Any ideas what the issue could be? I’ll shoot the PS1 through my Framemeister once I’m home tosee if it shows the same anomaly. Could it be a timing issue on the OSSC?

    Anyway, thanks in advance. Have a good holiday everyone.


    Sorry, ‘vertical’ line. I hate typing on my phone. πŸ™


    Horizontal. πŸ™‚


    I read it twice and didn’t pick up on that ^-^


    ? Yes, I missed that too. A ‘horizontal’ line moving ‘vertically.’

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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