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    Hello everyone,

    after months of waiting eagerly, I finally received my OSSC a couple of days ago 🙂

    TV: Panasonic 42″ Plasma TX-P42U30E
    Setup: Console>>>SCART switch>>>OSSC>>>HDMI switch>>>HDMI cable (7,5meters)>>>TV

    I compiled a list of what works and what doesn’t work in my setup so far:

    PS2 (PAL, Component): Works great (not a big fan of the OSSCs “Bob” Deinterlacer, I prefer interlaced passthrough to my TV)
    SNES (PAL, RGB-Scart): Works great, looks stunning
    N64 (US-NTSC, not yet RGB modded): Obviously doesn’t work yet, plan to have it modded soon
    Gamecube (PAL, RGB-Scart): Works great, looks stunning
    Megadrive II (PAL, RGB-Scart): I could get it to work by skipping my SCART switchbox but then it still flickers during the initial SEGA logo boot sequence (tested in Sonic 1 and 2).
    Dreamcast (PAL, Blaze VGA Box): Heavy and frequent screen flicker. Before, I used a cheap VGA-HDMI scaler before which worked great though.

    Line tripling doesn’t work at all with my TV, sadly. Though I’m relieved that my SNES works like a charm 🙂

    Do you know how I can overcome my “SEGA woes”, namely the flicker issues I have with my MDII and Dreamcast? Any OSSC settings I should tinker with?

    Oh by the way, are the settings stored for each input individually? And do the settings remain in memory even after completely unplugging the OSSC from the power grid?

    One last question: Somehow my Panasonic Plasma won’t let me change the aspect ratio for my HDMI (OSSC) input at all. Is there anything I could to about this, either in the OSSC’s output settings or in the TV?

    Thanks a lot, especially to marqs, for making this great little box!


    PS2 – Use the bob deinterlacer on any timing critical games for less input lag. For interlace the trade off is picture quality or low input lag, you can’t have both.

    Dreamcast should definitely not be giving you the screen flicker. Are you running that through a switch or anything similar?

    On the MD2, are you running PAL or NTSC software?

    Settings remain in memory after the unit is unplugged if you choose “save settings”.

    Sadly no, I’ve encountered several Panasonic sets that won’t let you change aspect ratio when in game mode. Very annoying.


    Try the sync options, specifically H-PLL coast values.


    If TX-P42U30E is similar to my TX-P50VT30, then you can use “professional” screen mode instead of “game” without additional latency as long as you have motion interpolation etc. turned off.

    What kind of flicker you get with MD2 and DC, and does tweaking of “sampling phase” affect it?


    Wow, thank you for all the quick help and useful suggestions – what a lovely community! 🙂

    My Dreamcast flicker-issue was resolved after swapping out the VGA cable. Now, the output on my screen is as pretty and crisp as the other consoles!

    Thanks to the suggestion from marqs, I managed to get a proper 4:3 aspect ratio on my Panasonic after switching from “Game” mode to “Normal” mode. I even found a moderate sharpness setting on my TV to look great (it’s set to 3 now).

    As for my Megadrive II flicker woes, I’m planning to swap out my RGB Scart cable I ordered from consolegoods.co.uk with one from regrogamingcqbles.co.uk – I hope that remedies the flickering!

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