Has the OSSC been used on an Atari ST(E)?

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    I’m wanting to know if the OSSC supports the Atari ST(E) PAL in low/med res through SCART input and as well as Hi-res through VGA input?

    I’ve found plenty of gadgets that can handle the low/med res modes, but nothing that can handle the Hi-res mode.

    I already own a Framemeister. I don’t want to throw £160+ at the OSSC, only to find out, it can’t handle the Hi-res mode. I’ve searched Google, but nothing is popping up on the first few pages mentioning the OSSC, or anything else for than matter!



    I don’t really have experience with these, but if the Atari ST’s high-res mode is 640×400, then, as I understand it, the OSSC will accept it, digitize it, and pass it along perfectly fine, but your connected display or downstream video processor will need to understand that 640×400 signal for it to be usable (which I think is unlikely).

    You may want to watch this thread for more information on support for 640×400.


    I believe it has though I can’t find the thread/post where it was shown. Nmalinoski is correct OSSC will accept this mode but ultimately compatibility depends on your display.


    Thanks to both of you.

    I’m wanting to capture the video. It seems though, I’d have to throw money at the Elgato Cam Link as well.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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