HD Fury Gamer Edition (version 1) – Enough power in OSSC?

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    Hey there,

    With the new HDMI output, I was hoping to use an HD Fury Gamer Edition (version 1) HDMI to VGA cable that I acquired on sale. However, I noticed on the product page for the cable it has the following:

    “A power supply cannot be added to the HDfury Gamer Edition cable due to the all-in-one sealed design. The HDfury Gamer Edition should therefore only be used when connecting a PS3 or Xbox360 Elite directly to a display device. We recommend that the standard HDfury with power supply be used for all other setups. If you are looking for ultimate quality and compatibility watch the brand new 2009 HDfury2, 2010 HDfury3 or 2012 HDfury4 !”

    Does anyone have experience with this cable or know if it should work with the OSSC. I’m assuming it is pulling power from the HDMI port, but I have no clue how this would affect the OSSC unit itself.



    DDC5V comes directly from the PSU through 200mA polyfuse so it’s fine as long as HDFury’s current draw is below that.


    Did you ever try the HDFURY Game Edition with the OSSC? If so, how did it do?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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